Garage door panels are often overlooked due to their simplicity, but they need to be inspected, maintained and sometimes exchanged on a regular basis.

Most garage door panels are aesthetic and lightweight. With proper care, they can turn your garage into something truly wonderful, and they nearly always add curb appeal and, possibly value to your home by providing an exterior that is pleasing to the eye.

Things To Consider When Replacing Garage Door Panel(s)

When Just A Garage Door Panel Gets Damaged: You are able to replace just one of them instead of the whole door.  

When A Panel Is Aged Or Unattractive To The Eye: You may want to replace just a panel or two.  

More Cost Effective: If your garage door is more like a shed, replacing a panel might be more cost effective. 

Minimal Inconvenience During Simple Panel Repair/Install: An experienced installer can oftentimes install these panels within hours, and you can even use the garage in the meantime.  

Whether To Replace Entire Door Versus Panel(s): One thing to take into consideration, is the possibility of the panels not matching the existing door due to age of the existing panels as well as weather aging and other damage.

Knowing whether you are safe to just replace garage door panel(s) versus the need to replace the entire garage door can be Challenging to decipher. An inexperienced installer could Compromise the entire functioning and/or structural integrity of your garage door. 

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